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Helping You Help Your Pet


Our most common and preferred service. 1-1 sessions involve myself coming to your home and working with you and your dog. 1-1 sessions can cover everything from obedience to aggression correction to separation anxiety. My style of training means I spend time training you and giving you the tools to make a difference. All 1-1 sessions must start with an initial assessment, from here we put a plan in place and set goals of what we want to achieve

Taking the dog for a walk


Our online service is a great way to get the most amount of information and support from myself. For a set price you will have unlimited access to myself for 4 weeks via calls, text, email, skype and WhatsApp. During this process we also set a plan and implement goals and you will always have my support at the end of your finger tips.

Lazy Dog


Our training classes are ran a few times a year. We run 3 types of courses, puppy training, basic obedience, and advanced obedience. All classes are ran from a fully secure site with the option to training indoor or outdoors depending on the weather

Puppy Play


We work and consult with many different companies across the country including security firms, dog walkers, dog minders, breeders and show professionals. We offer help and support in all aspects of your business.

Tug of War
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