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Huge thanks for all your help with Buddy so far - taking the little wins and keeping the consistency was absolutely right. Out of nowhere his recall improved, his non-stop barking at us for no reason has stopped and I can’t even remember the last time he dug in the garden 🙌🏼 feel like we learnt some secret code or something 😂 couldn’t have done it without you and you’ll be the first person we call when we need anything else!

David & Georgie

Found the training really effective, realistic and down to earth we were made to feel at ease straight away. Loved how we got straight into the training it was so hands on not like other trainers I have tried who make you book a big block of sessions and make no progress! Highly recommend saw a huge difference in Lola after only 1 session x


Give AP lashes a follow

Very knowledgeable and experienced, explained everything so we could understand our dog and why she was behaving the way she was. Have been cautious about dog trainers in the past til a friend recommended Mersey paws now i would recommend to anyone 👍🏼👍🏼

Harry Loftus

Get in Touch

‘We bought a 1 year old French Bulldog, Rico, 2 months ago and what seemed like randomly to us 3 weeks ago we started having really bad aggression problems with him. I spoke to David on the phone who gave me a really good insight into the problem and then he came to our home to see Rico and helped us out even more. He has so much knowledge on dog behaviour he made us both feel a lot better about the issue and understand how the dog is thinking, he gave us a list of things to start doing to get rid of the problem and the difference in Rico in only a few days is amazing! I would highly recommend anyone having trouble/doubts about their dog to get in contact, Mersey Paws has been amazing with us’

Abbi Mac

Small Terrier


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